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Frequently Asked Questions

While living in a safe neighborhood is a priority for many homebuyers, no area is completely immune to crime. Even in the safest places, like Naperville, Illinois, which was the safest city in the United States in 2017, there were still 1,122 property crimes per 100,000 individuals.
Feeling secure in a safe neighborhood can sometimes lead to complacency, making homes more vulnerable to crimes of opportunity. Suburban neighborhoods, particularly those with many children and teens, can experience property damage, including acts of vandalism. According to the Insurance Information Institute, malicious mischief is the third most common home insurance claim.
Having a security system adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring that your home remains safe even in a secure neighborhood.
A security system like Vivint is not only an investment in safety and peace of mind but also a way to save money.
Here are five ways Vivint can help you reduce costs:
  1. Reduces Home Insurance Premiums:
    • A security system with professional monitoring can reduce your home insurance premiums by up to 15%, depending on your carrier. Insurance companies often offer discounts because homes with security systems are less likely to experience burglaries, vandalism, or damage. These savings can offset the cost of the security system over time.
  1. Prevents Burglary and Theft:
    • Homes without security systems are three times more likely to be targeted by burglars. The average loss per burglary is $2,416. By deterring burglars and increasing the chances of catching them if they do break in, a security system can save you the high costs associated with theft and property damage.
  2. Lowers Energy Costs:
    • Smart security systems can include features like smart thermostats and smart lighting, which help reduce energy consumption. A smart thermostat can automatically adjust heating and cooling based on your habits, while smart lights use energy-efficient LED bulbs. These features can lead to significant savings on your energy bills.
  3. Helps Prevent Water Damage:
    • Water damage is costly, with the average insurance claim amounting to $11,098. Security systems with water sensors can detect leaks early, sending alerts to your phone and control panel so you can act quickly. This helps prevent extensive damage and costly repairs.
  4. Minimizes Fire Damage:
    • In the event of a fire, a monitored security system can quickly alert the fire department, even if you can’t. Early notification helps contain fires faster, reducing the extent of the damage. Additionally, Vivint’s system can automate safety measures, such as shutting off the HVAC system to slow the spread of flames or unlocking doors to aid in evacuation and access for first responders.
Investing in a Vivint security system can lead to significant savings on insurance premiums, prevent expensive burglaries, lower energy costs, and reduce the risk of costly water and fire damage.
Your wireless security camera requires an internet connection to view live video streams and receive alerts. Wi-Fi is also needed to control the camera’s settings, adjust the field of view, and watch video recordings.
However, wireless security cameras can still function without Wi-Fi. Here’s how:
  • Local Storage: You can use a micro-SD card, a hard drive, or other local storage options to temporarily store recordings when the camera is offline. This is particularly useful if your internet connection is unstable or intermittent.
Even without a Wi-Fi connection, these storage methods ensure that your camera continues to record and save footage, allowing you to access it later when the connection is restored.
Choosing the right smart home security system is an important decision, and cost is a significant factor. Vivint offers a range of packages and customization options to fit various budgets.
What You Pay For:
  1. Equipment:
    • Smart Home and Alarm System Devices: The cost depends on the equipment and smart home devices you choose. You can either purchase the equipment upfront or finance it over time.
    • Customization: The price varies based on the package and devices selected.
  2. Monthly Monitoring:
    • Professional Monitoring: The fee starts at about $40 per month. This covers 24/7 professional monitoring, ensuring your home is protected around the clock. If an emergency occurs and you’re not home, Vivint’s monitoring team will contact emergency services on your behalf.
    • Financing Option: If you finance your equipment, your monthly payment will include both the monitoring fee and the equipment cost.
  • Activation Services: Vivint offers professional installation with no activation fee when purchasing a system online. Their professionals handle the setup and connection of your home security devices.


  • Hardware Warranty and Onsite Support: Vivint provides a 120-day warranty for your equipment. If any component stops working due to installation or equipment defect, it will be replaced at no cost. If repairs are needed, Vivint’s licensed Smart Home Pros will come to your home to fix it.


  • Vivint App: Control your entire smart home system and receive notifications through the top-rated Vivint smart home app.

The cost of equipment may vary based on the size of your home or business. For detailed information on the best equipment and package for your needs, please call a Vivint operator to discuss your options.